You like games with domination and submission? You want exotic pleasure? Try Trampling in Novosibirsk - such service is offered by professionals of intimate service, women of easy virtue on a call. On our website "Dosug154" you see questionnaires of the girls ready at any time to please the client with a rigid or soft trampling.


This service - the kind of subculture of BDSM giving practicing feelings of humiliation and submission, change of roles, emotional pains and special sexual excitement and pleasure. You want to feel the henpecked literally, to experience a delight storm from contemplation of naked legs (and not only!), all exotic passion from circulation on your body on heels? Such experiments with the prostitute will paint your intimate leisure in the companies in new tone.


Technique of a trampling


The professional whores offering the services on "Dosug154" own the trampling technique, safe and incredibly pleasant for the customer. You will be able to enjoy in the company with the prostitute, she will satisfy the most exotic requirements without traumatism. For profane persons it is quite difficult to execute it: circulation on a face, genitals, a thorax and the client's stomach high-heeled. Believe, it is possible, and brings to the customer incomparable pleasure.


If you do not want so sophisticated games, the dissolute seductress will offer a soft trampling: resembles on you barefoot. And you will be able to enjoy it almost massage, but much brighter. The easiest technology - when the woman sits next and carries out pressings by legs to the lying partner. The safest places for a trampling: hands and legs, buttocks and partner's back.


Trampling in Novosibirsk: to order the prostitute


  • Priestesses of free love know how to control a situation. Any mutilations and even slight injuries!
  • The prostitute - the pro of a trampling will artistically reincarnate, will accompany you, will like your feelings and desires.
  • The girl will invite to specially equipped territory for a safe sex extreme.
  • The strongest excitement and a bright orgasm will be the final of the BDSM technique.


It will be possible to emphasize change of the power according to the exotic scenario with fixing. The client is deprived of the movement, is capable to show an initiative, having only licked a heel of a shoe or a leg without footwear, or perhaps some other parts of a body of Madam. The meeting will continue exactly as the customer wants. The prostitute - the skilled worker of carnal joys knows a set of ways how to humour the man. Call, you will not be disappointed!

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